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Gnosis is a Half Persian 3 in 1 variant. It's a nice, quick weave. In fact, I came upon it when I hurriedly made a gift for a friend out of HP3in1 using AR 5.83 (what I had on hand) and was unhappy with how loose the weave seemed. As a solution, I placed extra rings between the top and bottom layer of rings around every other four-ring join of the original HP 3in1. This tightened up the weave and filled in the empty spaces perfectly. I call it Gnosis because the additional ring in each unit reminds me of a kind of third-eye, and gnosis means a sort of mystical knowledge.

Gnosis is very similar to Bative's Half Persian 3 in 1 Extra, which has a larger extra ring around each four-ring join. This creates a three-ring repeating unit in HP3in1 Extra, while Gnosis has a five-ring unit repeat. Also, the overlap of the extra rings in HP3in1 Extra, caused by the larger size of the rings and the closer repetition, creates an additional non-interlocking, vertical eye that does not occur in Gnosis.
As pictured: 1.2mm Argentium 7mm rings, AR=5.83.
Photos: Front/Back

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Persian, Chain, Variant

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