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About Mail Artisans International League

M.A.I.L. started from a simple idea: artisans congregating at The Chainmaille Board would come together to create a resource for all, a place of communication, information, and tutoring. It didn't take long to grow much larger than its roots, and all it took was a brave few to say 'enough with the talk, let's do this'. We started this resource because chainmaille had no neutral, definitive information database. After trying a number of ways to run the show, we finally decided on a sort of democratic matrix of members and a core of idiots who volunteer their lives for the art.

To be completely honest we had no clue what we were in for. As articles and weaves and gallery images began to pour in we quickly realized that our system of manually adding content was FAR too complicated for any sane conglomeration of volunteers. It wasn't long before we began to automate the system. With such advances came options that we had never even considered. With each new idea we have had to ask ourselves 'If I were new to maille, would this help me lean the art?' Now, even in automation, we find new tasks to be had, if for nothig else, but to further our art.

M.A.I.L., with or without the new toys, is nothing without the donation of information and effort by the submitting members. Without you none of this would exists. No thanks can be greater.