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Submission Guidelines/FAQs

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Article Submission Guidelines/FAQ


1. Submissions must be copied and pasted to the form box to be submitted, so don't bother with fancy formatting if you're not going to use html.

2. HTML users: be sure to check your code. Our editor can't do his job if your code doesn't work.


3. Pictures must be 100kB or smaller, and at most 800px on the widest side.

4. Any pictures to be added to the page should be named uniquely. Please DO NOT use any spaces or weird characters in the file names. Instead of a space use an underscore: _

5. Include the pictures usingthe tag: [picname.jpg]. (Where picname.jpg is the filename of the files you plan to upload).

6. If you are using pictures in your article, please be sure to note it on the form. You'll be given instructions on uploading pictures after you've submitted the form.

7. Please make pictures as clear as possible while keeping to the size limits. It doesn't help to have small, out-of-focus pictures. We don't need masterpieces, but make sure the pictures get the message across.


8. Any sort of article is welcome, as long as it deals with some aspect of chainmaille.

9. Try to be clear. When listing ring/wire sizes, please specify what gauge system you're using, i.e. 18swg instead of 18g. If possible give the decimal inch or mm diameter of the rings/wire.

10. Putting text directly into a picture should only be done to point out individual aspects of that picture (a la diagrams). Do not put all the article's text within pictures, as it makes editing much more difficult. Please double check that there are no spelling/grammar errors in the picture text before submitting.

11. While we have an editor, please make an effort to follow the conventions of written English. Minor mistakes are unavoidable, but please proofread before hitting the Submit button.

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Weave Submission Guidelines/FAQ

1. Please browse the Weaves library and check if your weave is already there. This is not always easy as some of the older submissions have bad pictures but still worthwhile.

2. Please make the picture showing the weave as clear as possible. If you can, a picture showing more than one angle is great.

3. Please submit a description with your picture, with as much detail as you can (without it actually being article length). Include any similar or inspiring weaves. Remember this description is sometimes the only source of info on the weave. Wire and ring sizes used should be included and AR is always useful if you know it.

4. Please be careful which family you put your weave into, this isn't always as easy as it sounds. If you're in doubt, put a note about it at the end of your submission.

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Gallery Submission Guidelines/FAQ

How long will it take for my submission to be approved? - This is one of the more common questions asked by new submitters.
M.A.I.L. is a volunteer organization, and sometimes real life gets in the way. However, we do try to get your images out for all to see as soon as possible. Please allow a week or so, and check your PMs - we may be asking you for more information! If you haven't heard anything, send a PM to an Admin. (See Below)

You can help make it faster by adhering to the following guidelines:

Maximum picture size is 100k - However, if your image looks like a postage stamp onscreen, it's too small! Try to have the image as large and clear as possible, staying under 100k.
For images that you want to reduce see this spiffy article by Kyelek.

Please include details:

  • Metal Used
  • ID (Inner Diameter) of Rings
  • Gauge of Wire (Please specify AWG or SWG, Decimal Inches, or mm)
  • Weave Used
  • Any special things you can think of - beads, coins, clasps etc.
Sometimes it's hard to tell what exactly something is made of, so posting these details really helps people figure out what you did so they can learn from it, and if they absolutely adore it, figure out how to make a version of it.

Either Deirdre, ~Mical~, or DruidQueen may contact you via the M.A.I.L. Private Messaging system to obtain more details if you haven't included enough information. In other words, don't just submit a picture of a necklace, and say "here's a necklace I made". If we don't receive a reply within a reasonable amount of time the submission may be removed from the queue, to make room for new ones coming in.

Make sure you post pictures into the correct category - Makes things easier all around.

Keep it clean - This is a site intended for all ages, including minors. Anything containing inappropriate or gratuitous nudity, (i.e., a see-through bikini in which nipples are visible), or violates the content policies will not be accepted.

Keep it maille-related - Cute animals are fine, as long as they're wearing maille.

You can edit your previous posts - If you've discovered you've made a typo, or want to change the info, picture or anything about your gallery submission, you can do this from My MAIL. Below each picture submitted will be an Edit link, which allows you to edit as you please, or even delete! Just be careful and make sure you have a backup of the picture saved before you delete!

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