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Staggered Persiantine

Weave Description
Staggered Persiantine takes the staggered principle from Staggered Byzantine and applies it to the Persiantine weave. Staggered Persiantine, like Staggered Byzantine, can be woven as a chain (top left), a sheet (top right), or a strip across the grain (bottom).

The rings are 17SWG galvanized steel on a 1/4" mandrel, if I remember correctly, and cut via score and break.

While the Persiantine segments themselves are fairly tight, the chain as a whole is fairly flexible at this AR. The sheet, also, has some nice flexibility to the whole. With the cross grain, however, the connections between the two allow for a lot of back and forth movement through the plane of the weave. This might be remedied with tighter rings for the connectors, or it may require stitching together of the outer ends. As with any weave, tweak rings sizes to get the behavior you are looking for.

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European, Persian, Sheet, Variant

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