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Celtic Spiral Knot
Article © MAIL User: Corvus

Celtic Spiral Knot is based on a 4 ring Mobius. As I came up with this whilst trying to make something else I wouldn't be surprised if members here invent something else whilst trying to make this!

You will need (for each unit of Celtic Spiral Knot):
4 large rings AR of around 5 (e.g. 1mm wire 5mm ID), I'm using 1.2mm wire 6mm ID.
2 small rings AR of around 3 (e.g. 1mm wire 3mm ID), I'm using 1mm wire 3mm ID.
and 2 connector rings, these can be any size you like, here I'm using 1.2mm wire 4mm ID.
Image: csk1.jpg

Join 2 of the large rings together.
Image: csk2.jpg

Put a connector ring on one end but make sure the large rings cross each other just like this:
Image: csk3.jpg

Add another large ring to the previous 2.
Image: csk4.jpg

Then add another large ring to that one and the previous 2 so that the second pair cross over each other, just like this. It is important to get this right or you will end up with a completely different pattern.
Image: csk5.jpg

Now you need to 'lock' these in place with one of the small rings, like this. Make sure the small ring passes through just the 2 rings marked with the arrows.
Image: csk6.jpg

Now turn it over and do exactly the same on the other side.
Image: csk7.jpg

And you're done, just make more of these joined with the connector rings and you've got a chain of Celtic Spiral Knot.
Image: csk8.jpg
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