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Japanese 8-3 Hackysack
Article © MAIL User: Kahuna

Here's my way of making hackysacks. I came up with it for two reasons - (1) I didn't have the variety of ring sizes available to do the fancy E4-1 versions that I'd seen at the time, and (2) i was trying to imitate the shape of the hackysacks that I'd seen - more or less a rounded cube.

Image: hack_black_green.jpg

Rings are 16-5/16 AA (presumably this means 16 gauge, 5/16" ID AA rings -- Ed.), and it's 'stuffed' with a small bag of walnut shell - the same stuff you'd use for tumbling. I tried several fillings, and my play-testers liked the walnut the best. The bag is made with two approximately 2-1/4" (and presumably this means 2.25" -- Ed.) circles of black fabric.

Image: hack_instructions.jpg

Start by building a "cross" of 8/3 as shown above. What worked in 16-5/16 for me (as you can see in the photo) is flat rings (green) tripled, vertical rings (black) doubled.

Connect the 'sides' in the order shown (1-5), to make a cube. Before you do #5, insert the stuffing.

To make the stuffing, draw a 2-1/4" diameter circle on a piece of black fabric. Double up the fabric, and stitch almost all the way around, leaving about a 1/2" gap to use to fill the bag. Trim close to the stitching (about 1/8", IIRC). Turn the bag inside out, fill as full as practical with walnut shell, and hand-stitch closed.
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