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Glossary: T

Any maille made with rings tiny enough to justify the use of tweezers instead of pliers to make the maille easier to construct. (see also insanity maille)

Discoloration of metal, typically from a layer of oxides or sulfides.

The breaking strength of a material when subjected to stretching forces.

A method of cleaning and deburring by mechanical action. Some tumblers rotate articles in a cylinder, while others use vibration. For ring tumbling, stainless steel shot, sand, rice, or nothing at all are common tumbling media.

v. In metallurgical terms, the act of treating a metal so as to adjust it away from maximum hardness so as to achieve a desired balance between strength and brittleness. n. Commercial wire suppliers (and maillers) often use this term somewhat incorrectly to refer simply to the hardness of a metal. A range of terms are used to represent the spectrum of hardnesses, some of which are presented below. In order: - Annealed (aka Commerically Soft) - Quarter Hard Temper - Half Hard Temper - Three Quarter Hard Temper - Full Hard Temper - Extra Hard Temper - Spring Hard Temper - Extra Spring Hard Temper