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Handcoiling Hard Wire
Article © MAIL User: Raskolnikov

I just put this together for a fellow mailler, and thought that perhaps someone else may find it helpful as well. This technique allows me to coil hard wires for longer periods of time without injury:

OK, here's how I coil all of my hard .144" galvy (5/8" and 3/8" rings). I'll be using a 5/8" mandrel for this demo.

My mandrel only has one bend in the bar. I find that this gives me more control and better leverage:
Image: raskmandrel1.jpg

I've riveted a 1/8" aluminum plate (it's quite banged up at this point) to a leather workglove. I put a shallow wire groove into the plate:
Image: raskglove.jpg

I hold onto the bar with all four fingers, as if doing a dead-lift grip, but keeping my thumb free:
Image: raskmandrelgrip.jpg

I turn the mandrel towards me and grip the bar with all four fingers, wrapping my thumb over the wire to complete the grip. My hand is firmly gripping the mandrel, using my grip to hold the wire to the bar and keep a neat coil. My pointer finger helps guide the wire as well:
Image: raskwirefeed.jpg

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