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Akkadian is closely related to the Sweetpea/Medo-Persian/Fieldstone weaves, as well as, Sistrurus and Atheris. I came across Akkadian when deconstructing a section of Atheris I'd been working on but didn't have a large enough AR to continue. I deconstructed it all the way to the initial Fieldstone like segment it started as, added a few more rings to the width of the segment and expanded the length rather than the width (as you would for Sistrurus or Atheris) and this was the result. When expanding it, each ring of the first row of horizontal rings on the top of the weave (top pic) goes through two of the vertical rings of the next segment, while each ring of the first row of horizontal rings on the bottom of the weave (second pic) only goes through one ring of the next segment (the middle ring). I used 19ga 6mm ID rings. It also looks to be related (at least in appearance) to Snapdragon except that it is based off of the Fieldstone-like weaves and not Half Persian 3 in 1. The top pic is the top of the weave, the second pic is the bottom, and the third and forth pics are side-views.

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Persian, Chain, Variant

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