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Jens Pind Linkage 5x2 (JPL5x2)

Weave Description
Here is another iteration in the JPL family, but this time showing how JPL is in fact a relation to the Persian family.

This weave is much like Jens Pind Linkage 5 in that it has 5 grains of rings, but in this case each ring intersects 4 rings from each of the other grains instead of 2. In other words, where JPL5 is 8-1, this is 16-1. The part where the Persian family comes in is that every two neighboring grains of rings forms a Half Persian 4 in 1 chain if all the other rings are removed.

This weave can also be seen as a modification of Half Persian 4 Forars Kaede, with the only change being the addition of one more grain to make the chain fully axisymmetric (which is how it was first conceived).

Stats: WD = 0.034in (0.86mm), ID = 0.359in (9.12mm), AR = 10.56.
This weave will probably function down to an AR in the lower 10.x range, and larger than 10 will let it flatten somewhat. Unlike normal JPL it is locked and will not fall apart with looser ARs.

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Persian, Chain, Variant, Mobius

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