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Persian Teardrop

Weave Description
Persian Teardrop appears to be related to One Hour Less Sleep, Medo-Persian, Sweetpea, A6, and Crop Circles. Each half of the unit is similar in ring orientation to One Hour Less Sleep except that each half is an exact mirror to each other in regards to their direction. It is also very similar to Crop Circles, the one difference is in regards to its construction is that where the vertical = rings in each half of Crop Circles go around the horizontal = and the single horizontal rings on the inner portion of the weave are around the two = rings in the center of the weave, with Persian Teardrop this ring orientation is reversed, the rings that were on the outside and now on the inside and vice versa. I came across this unit while experimenting with left over wire. I used 16ga 6mm ID rings, 20ga 4.5mm ID rings, 20ga 4mm ID rings, 20ga 3.25mm ID rings, and 20ga 2mm ID rings.

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European, Persian, Unit, Variant, Helm

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