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Weave Description
This is a very strange Persian weave that bares a physical resemblance to Viperscale and GSG but is structurally different. It pretty much started as a single segment of Fieldstone (only with the horizontal sandwiched ring going through all three vertical rings and around the outside of the single sandwiched vertical ring instead of going through the = vertical rings but behind the - vertical ring and ending up inside of that same vertical ring). However, because the rings were too large it flattened out and I was able to expand it width wise rather than in length. This weave slowly spirals the longer you make it as can be seen in many of the pictures, in particular the second to bottom pic on the left side. This pic is what the weave looks like when scrunched together. (The bottom two pictures show the manner in which this weave bends.) I used 20ga 5.75mm ID rings when making this weave.

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European, Persian, Band, Variant, Helm

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