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Water Dragon

Weave Description
Water Dragon is a weave I stumbled across while making Dragonscale. Water Dragon is made similarly to Dragonscale only the middle large ring goes through the two outer large rings it appears to lay on top of. This creates a hump in the middle rows that can be felt on both sides of the weave.
The top picture is of a 3 row Water Dragon with the bottom picture showing a patch that has been expanded into 5 rows to show the continuation of the pattern. (Note: the weave patch in the bottom picture got flipped the opposite direction than the top pic while photographing.)
This weave has some similar ring connections to: Lopeka Wyrmtung, Valyrian, and, possibly, Valairis Dragonspine.

Water Dragon was created using 20ga 3.25mm ID rings and 5.75mm ID rings.
It can also be made with 6mm ID rings, but not quite as well.

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European, Sheet, Band, Variant, Helm

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Water Dragon

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