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X-weave / Spring Chain / Forars Kaede

Weave Description
X-weave is a weave by Thexnihil. This weave is the only one I've found that actually forms an X. To make it, start with Half Persian 4 in 1, and then start doing the links like -_-_-_ on each of the 'chains'.
I've had best results with 5/16" ID at 18ga.
Picture submitted by Zlosk, with an AR of 4.6. Dimensions for the rendering came from triginometry and real life measurements.

Ed. note: Above an AR of 4.5 the weave remains stable, but has a layer slip issue beginning from open chain ends, similar to high-AR JPL chains. This can be overcome either by weaving closed loops, or by finishing a Forars Kaede chain's ends with at least four lower-AR rings.

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Persian, Chain, Alpha

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