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Byzantine Snowflake

Weave Description
Yet another manipulation of Byzantine into a nifty little unit.

12AWG copper and 14SWG galvanized steel wound on 1/4", 5'16", and 3/8" (I think) mandrels and cut via score and break.

So, I was inspired by December to do this. The central copper portion is fairly tight, very little flex and shift. The outer galvanized steel border is a little bit looser and could probably be tweaked a bit (64ths or 128ths of an inch) for greater rigidity. The very central two rings are what I think are the 3/8" rings. If not 3/8", then 7/16". Most of the other copper rings should be 5/16", the exceptions being the box wings that are facing up and down (image being a top view). The galvanized steel rings are 1/4" for the box wings on the inside of the rim and for the between box connectors, 5/16" for the rest.

As usual, tweak ring sizes to get the results you want. I could see this used as a pendant, or a string of them side to side, or a couple of different sheeting methods, depending on how you adjust your AR.

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European, Unit, Radial, Modification

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