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Euro 4n1 (Cinched)

Weave Description
Rings used: 16g 5/16in ID and 16g 3/16in ID

This is simply a sheet of European 4 in 1 with extra rings added to hold it together more rigidly.
The extra rings in this example are smaller, to better show how they work without it getting too cluttered.

An interesting note is that Barrel, Rhinos Snorting Drano, and Rhinos Marching Two by Two are all subsets of this sheet pattern made by either doubling or using fewer 'small' rings.
The main variants of those weaves (Corvus Chain, Crow Chain, and Jellybeans on Parade) are not subsets of this sheet, as they are based on a simple 4n2 chain instead of E4n1. Either way, according to the technical documentation guidelines proposed by Tesserex, all of the above mentioned weaves are to be considered variants of the European family (not Hybrids), since the extra rings are non-structural.

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European, Sheet, Modification, Rhino

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