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Half Persian 3 Sheet 5 in 1 (variant 2 alternating)

Weave Description
This is a sheet version of Half Persian 3 in 1, where each ring goes through 5 others. On the 'back' side the rings are put together in what could be called a Half Persian 2 in 1 pattern instead of the European 4 in 1 pattern in standard HP3S5 (Half Persian 3 Sheet 5 in 1), hence 'variant 2'.

This is the alternating version, where the 'handedness' or 'cell direction' of each HP3n1 chain changes each row, as opposed to the non-alternating version which I believe should be called HP3s5n1v2, but is listed here as Paddy's Sheet.

This example is constructed with 16g 5/16in ID copper, actual ring size with springback is 0.060in WD 0.325in ID for AR=5.42. This weave is quite dense at this size, so it is close to the minimum AR, I estimate that you could go as low as 5.3 or possibly 5.2.

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Persian, Sheet, Variant

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