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Mink Tail Weave

Weave Description
The inspiration for this weave came from a combination of two events: seeing a wild mink along the waterfront one day (deciding on the spot to create a weave for it), and then coming across Noldolantë's weave, Lutra that very same evening.
Lutra is the scientific name for the otter family, so obviously, my mink weave would have to draw on Lutra for its design.
As a result, Mink Tail Weave is my variation of Noldolantë's Lutra Weave.

Mink Tail Weave falls in the same category of weaves as Fleur-de-lis, Sweetpea, Medo-Persian, and more recently, Solar Eclipse. A simple and playful weave, fitting of its namesake, the detail differentiating Mink Tail Weave from these similar weaves is the alternation in handedness of mobiused pairs of rings, which are then connected by three smaller rings forming a V-shape.

As pictured- Larger rings: 1.0mm Argentium, 6mm id, AR=6.0; Smaller rings: 1.0mm Argentium, 4mm id, AR=4.0.

Weave Variant by Talia Starkweather-Jones

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European, Persian, Chain, Variant, Helm

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