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This is Cortosis. Named after the mineral that disrupts the photoharmonics of a lightsabre blade. While I don't know for certain it could do that, it did a fair job of disrupting my eyes trying to make it.

It's in reality, either European 4 in 1 with every row having been woven into Half Persian 3 in 1 chains who alternate left-right hand versions for each row. If that doesn't make any sense, it's alternating left-right hand chains of HP with one of it's rows sharing E4-1 connections with the rows above and below it. Could call it Reversing HP3-1 sheet E4-1 but that rolls off the tongue like a tarball full of thumbtacks.

Adding the vertical standing HP style rings contracted the base Euro weave along it's width, and only allows very little room for stretch, so it hangs very well the wrong way and barely opens at all. Could make for very ornate sleeves.

The front and back sides are similar, but different enough to be distinguishable as the vertical rings only tend to lay flush with the back after the weave becomes stable. Either side has it's own attractive qualities.

Like it's parent weaves it can be seamed at the bias with a little added challenge, I recommend leaving the seamed edge as E4-1 for a link or two until you get it stitched up, then add the verticals.

As the photos show, it's reasonably stiff, but still allows enough flexibility in both axis for normal movement.

Sample in the photos is from 14GA 7/16" galvy. (5.8 AR) and I don't foresee it being able to go too much tighter than this.

Have fun with it, I'll be working on a construction how-to for the least painful technique I discovered. I can already foresee the variations of this yet to come.

(Admin note - hopefully a better pic to come.)

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European, Persian, Sheet, Variant

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