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Persian Dragon Leftovers

Weave Description
Persian Dragon Leftovers is one of several Euro-Persian Hybrid tubes consisting of 2 Half Persian 3 in 1 chains stitched together with European 4 in 1 connections.

Persian Dragon Leftovers takes two HP3 chains of the same handedness, lays them both out on their sides with the top of one facing the bottom of the other and then stitches them together with E4 connections. This results in a tube chain similar to Persian Dragonscale, but with slightly angled rings in the E4 stitching. Also, one edge view is like Persian Dragonscale (top view of an HP3 chain), the other edge view is like Persian Dragontail (bottom view of an HP3chain).

The sample image here used 7/16" (0.4375", ~11.1mm) and 5/16"(0.3125", ~7.9mm) inside diameter wires in 14SWG/12AWG (.081", ~2mm) galvanized steel and copper wire. The larger rings were used for the HP3, the smaller rings were used for the E4 stitching.

The sample piece is very flexible with this combination of ARs. As with many weaves, the ARs can be tweaked to give a stiffer or looser result as personal preference desires. One could also adjust ARs to use a single ring size.

Leftovers? Yeah, I wasn't coming up with anything else following the theme of the other EPHs.

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European, Persian, Band, Variant

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