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Dragonback Box

Weave Description
Dragonback Box is pretty much what it sounds like. A 4 sided "chain" constructed of Dragonback. I constructed this example by creating a 3 row wide strip of Dragonback Sheet. I then folded over the edges, humps side out, and then connected up the edges just like I was weaving another strand of Dragonback. This results in a cross shaped hollow chain. From what I can tell, it has a very similar external appearance to Think Outside the Box.

The rings I used here are .08" (14SWG, 12AWG, ~2mm) galvanized steel and copper wound on 1/2" (.5", 12.7mm) and 3/8" (.375", ~9.5mm) rods and cut via a score and break method. The 1/2" rings were used in the construction of the HP3 segments, the 3/8" rings were used for the E4 stitching. There are 160 rings in this sample, 80 each of the 1/2" and 3/8" rings. This weave could be constructed with a single AR, the .08" 1/2" definitely, but possibly also a smaller AR, although I'm not sure the an AR as small as the .08" 3/8" combo would work alone.

This particular sample is fairly bulky as you might expect from .08" wire. It measures about 1.5" from the end of one arm of the plus to the end of the opposite arm and is about 4" long. Holding one end, this sample has approximately 45 degrees of flex. I believe ARs could be tweaked to provide more rigidity or more flexibility.

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European, Persian, Band, Variant

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