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Alligator River
Technical Name: Euro-Persian Hybrid Sheet

Weave Description
Inspired by the alternation of Half Persian 3 in 1 with European 4 in 1 in WorldOfChaos' Persian Dragonscale, this weave is a beautiful sheeting of Corvus Chainmaille's Alligator Back hence, the title, which refers not only to the imagery of several Alligator Backs together, but also to the fluidity of this weave.

Accomplished by first laying out strips of HP 3in1, alternating left-leaning strips with right-leaning strips and then stitching the strips together with a simple Euro 4in1 connection, the most notable feature of this weave is perhaps the remarkable depth between ridges formed by the alternating elements, while still remaining a flat weave.

The reverse of this weave is as interesting, visually, as the front. When set on a flat surface, the squared-off ridges become undulating waves and the prominence of the Persian-style eyes is traded for an allusion to Elfweave.

As pictured: 1mm Copper, 5mm id rings, AR=5.0

The swatch I wove was made of 20 vertical units of HP 3in1 connected by 19 vertical units of Euro 4in1. There were four left-leaning HP strips and four right-leaning strips, alternated, with 7 Euro 4in1 strips connecting the HP 3in1; a total of 463 rings. The swatch measures 2.825" wide by 3.25" tall and drapes fluidly in all directions.

Weave Variant by Talia Starkweather-Jones

[see also: Winterwar Sheet - ed]

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European, Persian, Sheet, Modification

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