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Caiman Back

Weave Description
This weave came into life as a belt project, and an original plan to 'fill' the weaves center row did not work as expected. It is based on classical European 4 in 1 sheet weave, five rows wide, seamed Half Persian 3 in 1- so it is basically a widened Alligator Back AKA Euro-Persian Hybrid (EPH). Thereafter I slipped larger rings (that were originally intended to be added concentric in Poor King's Scale manner around the rings of a row) in European 6 in 1 style between TWO rings. Like E46 this weave is very ring diameter sensitive. I used stainless rings 7.8x1.6mm (AR of 4.9) for the base E4-1 weave); the added E6-1 rings were around 11.2x1.6mm (AR of 7.0). All measurements are real closed ring data, not mandrel size based; mandrel sizes were 7 and 10 mm.

For construction see the yellow marked large ring at the image's center - left side before slipping in; right side thereafter

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European, Persian, Band, Scaled, Modification

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