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Oriental Scale

Weave Description
As Aura, Inverted Aura, and Borealis are all related, so are Oriental Scale, Inverted Oriental Scale, and Japanese Dragonscale related. Oriental Scale is analogous to Aura in this relationship.

Oriental Scale is one of two units that compose the Japanese Dragonscale sheet. This particular unit is compsed of TRL's 14g 1/2" and 14g 1/4" machine cut galvanized steel. As with Borealis, this particular combination of rings is too tight to continue indefinitely into Japanese Dragonscale. A similar adjustment as described in the entry for Borealis should work for Japanese Dragonscale. However, for making individual units to string together with simple connector rings, this particular combination will work just fine.

[topic of February 2016 weave study]

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European, Japanese, Unit, Alpha, Helm

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Oriental Scale Unit

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