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Asian Bicycles

Weave Description
Came up with this one while playing with some practice rings a friend gave me to start out with. Not sure if it's a Japanese variant, technically, or a mutt. Simple 5-unit 2x2 chains folded in half and connected back-to-front using larger rings. (I think it's pretty obvious, but I'll provide directions to anybody who wants them.) The big black piece is the original sample, made with old, chipped stainless and aluminum rings of unknown size (at a guess, 16g 1/4" and 18g, maybe even 16g 1/8" for the little ones -- they're pretty fat); the bracelet is a "nicer version", made with 18g 1/4" BA and 20g 1/8" AA. Note that a larger AR on the small rings makes a "floppier" weave -- the black sample is stiff enough that it almost holds its shape all by itself, whereas the bracelet is positively limp. ID on the smaller rings needs to be large enough to fit one of the bigger rings and two of the smaller rings through it; anything bigger than that gives you movement.

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Japanese, Chain, Modification

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