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Sierpinski's Triangle

Weave Description
The sixth experiment with these rings having the stats as set forth in this entry. This is my favorite result of my experiments with these rings. I can't say I set out to intentionally duplicate the Sierpinski triangle in maille. In fact, I didn't know the correct name for that figure when I first recognized it. I initially Googled "fractal triangle", which, fortunately, was close enough to pull up results with the accurate name.

The sample image shows three Sierpinski units connected in the beginnings of the Triangle (or a maille Triforce for you Zelda fans, or an inverted classic Blacktron symbol for you LEGO fans). To continue the true Sierpinski triangle, one would construct two more assemblies as shown in the image and then connect them as the base units are connected to each other. Alternately, one could create a sheet with all the Sierpinski units spaced as in the image, although that may or may not take a slightly larger AR than in this sample.

This sample was made from salvaged 12AWG (.0808") copper electrical wire coiled around a
3/16" mandrel and cut with a 6/0 jeweler's saw. The nominal AR using listed numbers is 2.321.
The measured AR using a dial caliper with .001" increment is: 2.278.

My measurements were performed as described in Aspect Ratio Studies by Blaise.

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Sheet, Web, Variant, Mobius

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