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Daisy Chain 2

Weave Description
My first experiment with fairly low AR rings. Received the "2" designation because I feel that where simple variations exist, the fewer rings should have the lower designation, if numeric designations are used. Well, something like that, anyway. Or, more simply, because it seemed logical to do so compared to the other ideas I was messing with at the time.

Can be fairly easily perceived in (at least) three ways:
1)Three ring mobiuses connected by spacer rings. This is the perception I developed it under.
2)1:1 or 2-1 (1 TO 1 or 2 IN 1) chain with AE rings around every third intersection.
3)JPL missing two rings out of every 6.

Daisy Chain 2 was so named because of the fact that mobiuses, and especially 3 ring mobiuses (that may just be my perception), are often referred to as flowers.

This sample was made from salvaged 12AWG (.0808") copper electrical wire coiled around a 3/16" mandrel and cut with a 6/0 jeweler's saw. The nominal AR using listed numbers is 2.321. The measured AR using a dial caliper with .001" increment is 2.278.

At the AR of the sample in the image, this weave has great flexibility. Raising the AR will, of course, change the appearance and behavior of this weave. It may be possible to tweak the AR downwards a little more, as well, and still have a decently usable chain.

My measurements were performed as described in Aspect Ratio Studies by Blaise.

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Chain, Modification, Mage, Mobius

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