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Weave Description
BackBone is a weave by tipo mastr. He wrote a tutorial for it, but evidently didn't submit it to the database, so I PM'ed him and received permission to submit it.

BackBone may not have been originally derived from Jellybeans on Parade, but a close look at the construction shows that it is just a step removed from JoP. Where JoP only links the paired rings through the eye created by the previous paired rings, the paired rings of BackBone also link through the AE ring of the prior unit in addition to going through the eye of the prior unit.

I am not sure what ring size tipo mastr used in his tutorial, so I had to do some trial and error. To get the results described in the tutorial, your AR needs to be fairly close to 5. I tried The Ring Lord's 14g 3/8" galvanized steel (MAR 4.8) and got 2 or 3 units of BackBone before I could not progress any further. The Ring Lord's 14g 7/16" galvanized steel (MAR 5.8) produced a chain that was constructed as described, but did not exhibit the behaviors described, as it was very loose and flexible in both directions. The Ring Lord's 14g 3/8" stainless steel (MAR 5), however, produced a chain that was continuable and exhibited the stiffness/flexibility combination described in the tutorial.

BackBone has a distinct top and bottom appearance. Bottom referring to the side to which it flexes easily, top being the side to which it does not.

Weave created by tipo mastr
Weave photographed, written up and submitted by Elemental Dragon.
Materials used in submitted image are 14g 3/8" machine cut stainless steel rings purchased from The Ring Lord.

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European, Chain, Variant, Rhino

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