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Technical Name: True Aura Sheet

Weave Description
Borealis is (in my opinion) the true sheet form of Aura or Inverted Aura, depending on how you focus on it. It can also be described as Crenelated-3 Sheet with a third layer of large rings.

The original sample that was shown here uses 14g galvanized steel rings purchased from The Ring Lord, 1/2" ID for the flat rings and 1/4" ID for the vertical rings. This combination of AR is what Blaise would probably call absolute*. It can be worked maybe a little bit more, but it is already fairly tight in places. Further experimentation by ShadowFire (See: Triskelion/Aura Variant Sheet/Tao of the Dragon Sheet) indicates that with this combination (or a similar combination) of rings, the piece will start to curve in on itself and become concave.

The sample in the new image uses 12AWG (.081", 2.052mm) salvaged electrical copper wire wound on a 1/2" (12.7mm, 7/0SWG) mandrel and cut via score and break with The Ring Lord's 16g 1/4" machine cut bright aluminum rings. This seems to allow indefinite sheetability . I've got a triangularish patch approximately 4-6" (haven't measured it yet) on a side with no signs of tightening up. You could probably play around with rings sizes to get a more flexible piece. This combination bends far enough I could make a bracelet for most people, but it will not bend back upon itself without damaging rings.

Also, take a close look at the junctions in the new image. The six small rings passing through that opening "pinwheel" in order to fit smoothly and keep the sheet flexible. It doesn't matter which direction you pinwheel these rings, and it doesn't seem to matter whether you pinwheel them all the same direction or not, as long as they are pinwheeled. If you are concerned about somebody taking a close look at a finished piece in this weave, you might want to pay attention to your pinwheel directions, but otherwise, just make sure they pinwheel. And again, you could probably play around with ring sizes to eliminate this pinwheeling requirement.

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European, Japanese, Sheet, Radial, Variant, Helm

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