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Screw Chain
AKA: Prejudiced Rhinos Everywhere

Weave Description
This chain is a combination of principles/concepts set forth in the following weaves:
Jellybeans on Parade
Prejudiced Rhinos

Prejudiced Rhinos Everywhere connects Rhino units almost Jellybean style directly to each other on a Prejudice (bias, diagonal). It came about because of a comment in the linked thread wondering why Prejudiced Rhinos didn’t have Rhinos in every unit. I don’t think I had thought about it based on previous experiments with the particular rings (14g 1/4" galvanized steel machine cut TRL rings) where the AR was a bit tight for whatever I was trying at the time.

The Screw Chain modification came about because of a slight difference in aspect ratio between 14g 1/4" machine cut galvanized steel (manufacturer's AR: 3.3)and 14g 1/4" machine cut (listed as hand cut) titanium rings (manufacturer's AR: 3.4), both purchased from The Ring Lord. Neither Prejudiced Rhinos nor Prejudiced Rhinos Everywhere had the density with the titanium that it did with the galvanized steel, so Screw Chain was born, although originally it was going to be named Prejudiced Jellybarrel Rhinos.

Listed in the M.A.I.L. database under Screw Chain because of some timing and procrastination issues on my part.

Prejudiced Rhinos Everywhere (top)
Screw Chain modification (bottom)
14g 1/4" machine cut galvanized steel rings purchased from The Ring Lord (top)
14g 1/4" machine/hand cut titanium rings purchased from The Ring Lord (bottom)

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European, Chain, Biased, Variant, Rhino

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