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Rhinos Marching Two by Two

Weave Description
Very simply, this is Rhinos Snorting Drano done perpendicular in relation to the normal RSD orientation. If you can do RSD, you should be able to do this.

While it is entirely possible to do Rhinos Marching Two by Two (and for that matter, RSD as well) with a very large AR, I like my weaves to be tighter/denser, so this sample is done at an AR of 3.3 according to The Ring Lord's product information for the rings I used.

And yes, it's just another slight modification to European 4 in 1. Expanded as a sheet, it should produce something similar to Wolfweave, if slightly less dense. As pictured, it's an edging to E4.

14g 1/4" machine cut galvanized steel rings purchased from The Ring Lord

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European, Sheet, Modification, Rhino

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