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Captive 2 in 1 Chain

Weave Description
It's not really a captive weave, despite the name. There are no captive connections in it. The best way to describe it is that it's a 2 in 1 Chain trapped inside a 4 in 2 chain. For this sample, I used 14 gauge 3/8" TRL stainless steel for the large rings (the 4 in 2 chain), and 14 gauge 5/16" TRL anodized aluminum for the small rings (the 2 in 1 chain). This particular combination creates a rather stiff chain, that probably has some sculpture possibilities. However, other ring size/AR combos work to make a more fluid weave that doesn't hang or lie as rigidly as shown in the picture. Personally I think it works very well with two-tone color schemes, especially silver and gold. I think you could create a sheet if you used an orbital connection on the small rings, kind of like Staggered Captive Inverted Round Sheet.

NOTE: the "optimum" AR for this weave is misleading by nature. There really isn't an AR that you're aiming for but more of a ratio between the two rings.

[Editor note: doubling the rings in the 2 in 1 Chain creates 4 in 2 Captivated 4 in 2.]

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Japanese, Chain, Variant

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