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Elfsheet 6 in 1 Variant

Weave Description
No, this isn't normal Elfsheet. Look closely.

Picture shows a hybrid of normal Elfweave with new 6 in 1 Elfsheet Variant. My AR here measures about 4.3 , a bit too tight to continue non-inverting Elfweave more than two rows, but just fine at two. I tried this as AR 4.0 and it didn't work, 4.3 was about as tight as I could get.

It started as a way to trim the edges of Elfsheet by adding an extra "middle row" and interweaving those rings to keep the trim from flopping around. I then noticed I could start another row of Elfweave without inverting the direction! The flat rings that in normal Elfsheet would be 4in1 are now 6in1 due to the interleaving instead of inverting..

Definitely stiffer than Elfsheet at the same AR. But I am not feeling any bias or conflict from the new variant rows. It flexes reasonably well and evenly in all directions, there is barely any stretch though. The new rows behave more European than Persian, despite the appearance.

I expect at slightly higher AR, the non-inverting pattern could be continued indefinitely.

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European, Sheet, Progression, Variant, Mobius

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