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Fireman's Hold 6 Sheet

Weave Description
This is an image of my first weave adapted to a larger size, the first one had 4 sides, and this has 6. I made it when someone on the forum mentioned that it, and it's relative Tao family, could be applied to any number of sides 3 and up. Since I constructed this in a certain way, only even numbers of sides are attainable. The weave can be altered just slightly to get the odd numbers as well. It's much more decorative than Fireman's Hold 4 was in my opinion and I can't wait to use it for various jewelry applications or other projects.

Another thing about these weaves is that they tesselate much like the Japanese weaves do, so anything that Japanese 6 in 1 can be used for, this can be substituted, like, for instance, basket bottoms. happy mailling!

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Japanese, Sheet, Progression, Variant

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