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Reinforced Inverted Round

Weave Description
This is a variant of Captive Inverted Round. I discovered it when trying to find a clean way to close the ends of a CIR chain, and realized that I could reproduce that end into a chain in its own right. Basically, you just make each of the captive rings now actually go THROUGH each of the rings which would be holding it captive (they are not actually "captive" anymore, of course). For best results, make sure the grain alternates from one segment to the next.

I've found that for a given AR, I can usually fit one more stacked ring per segment in RIR then I can in CIR, so it tends to result in a more solid seeming rigid cable. Due to this, and the fact that it doesn't need to be specially closed on the ends, this weave has pretty much completely replaced CIR for me.

The pictured example uses 3/8" mandrel size, 16 gauge stainless steel rings.

[Ed - related to Bore Worm
minimum AR per number of quasi-captives per cell:
1: AR of 5.1 OR AR of 4.7* and AR of 5.1
2: AR of 5.4 OR AR of 5.2* and AR of 5.4
3: AR of 5.7
4: AR of 6.4
5: AR of 7.2
*With one and two quasi-captives per cell, the AR of the cage rings (tripled sets) can be lowered further than the quasi-captives.]

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European, Chain, Inverted, Variant

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