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Japanese 8 in 2 Captive 1

Weave Description
The addition of a captive ring turns standard Japanese 8 in 2 (doubled Japanese 4 in 1) from a flexible weave into a rigid one. [Editor note: J8-2 can be made quite rigid at certain AR/ring size combinations.] The captive rings are rather well hidden. If you imagine that the piece is a compass, I think that the largest bit of an "invisible" ring can be seen in the east side of the westmost ring. Look right between the doubled connectors, and you'll see a short piece of wire that doesn't belong to any of the normal Japanese 8 in 2 visible rings. RING SIZES: The following numbers assume that you are using the same diameter wire for both the Japanese 8 in 2 weave and the captive rings and that your goal is to make an infinite sheet: For a Japanese 8 in 2 weave, the minimum AR is 4.25. If you use the minimum AR for the Japanese 8 in 2, then the largest AR you can use for the captive ring is 5.49.

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Japanese, Sheet, Captive, Kinged, Modification

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