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European 4 in 1 (Intertwined)

Weave Description
This is a variation of European 4 in 1 that naturally spirals. Unlike normal European 4 in 1, rows 2 & 4 are connected, and row 1 is connected to row 3, which is connected to row 5. (In other words, each ring goes through 6.) A 3-row ribbon can be forced to lie flat (upper left). When you add rows, the weave begins to twist and scrunch where the new rows are added (lower left). If you add length to the extra rows, eventually it becomes very difficult to weave and remain flat. This is why the permanently closed circle version on the right is missing a few rings from the outer row.
Stats: Bright aluminum 16g 5/16" (left photos); 16g 9/32" with sterling 10g 15/32" (circle).

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European, Chain, Spiral, Variant

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