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Lylo Sheet

Weave Description
This is the sheet version of Lylo, the weave I submitted previously. The stats on this piece are 16 gauge 1/4" stainless for the big rings, and 18 gauge 3/16" stainless for the small ones (both before springback). This weave is very sensitive to ring aspect ratio, so I doubled the big rings to accentuate the zig-zag pattern. Technically, the big rings should not be doubled, but this leaves the chains of small rings hanging almost straight, which is still technically correct, but not as pretty in such a small patch. I imagine that if I could make 18 gauge 11/64" rings, they would work perfectly without a doubled big ring. Lylo Sheet behaves a bit like Japanese 4 in 1, but makes triangular, not square patches.

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European, Sheet, Variant

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