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Half Persian 4 in 1

Weave Description
Half Persian 4 in 1 (HP4-1, or simply HP4) is a chain with a rectangular cross section. It is the numerical progression of Half Persian 3 in 1, however it is designed with a balanced up:down ratio in terms of how rings are added. HP3-1 is 2:1, where HP4-1 advances to 2:2.

Bright aluminum rings:
.062" (1.6mm) wire diameter
17/64" (6.75mm) mandrel diameter
.291" (7.39mm) inner diameter
AR of 4.7

The minimum AR is AR of 4.4, at which the chain is completely stiff. It starts to gain an ideal amount of flexibility not too far above the minimum with the sample displayed having a nice consistency. Ideal up to AR of 6.0 and above.

The numerical progression of HP4-1 is Half Persian 5 in 1, with its unbalanced 3:2 ratio. Half Persian 6 in 1 (3:3) is the next balanced progression. Incidentally, Half Persian 2 in 1 with its up down ratio of 1:1 is the proper balanced predecessor. It is ideal in an AR of 4.3, however collapses into a 2 in 1 Chain, the sample picture of which displays it in an HP2-1 arrangement.

Layered expansions of the weave are found in Double Half Persian 4 in 1, and Triple Half Persian 4 in 1. Properly doubling (kinging) all the rings makes it into Half Persian 8 in 2, which requires at least an AR of 7.8. Wetehinen has every ring in HP4-1 scaled, while Corinthian only one of the rows of rings scaled.

HP4-1 becomes Full Persian 8 in 1 when two additional sides are added.

Half Persian 4 in 1 Sheet 8 results in the continuation of adding properly arranged rows with each added ring passing up through 2, down through 2.

HP4-1 strands are incorporated into the following sheet weaves:
Related chain weaves include:

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