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One and a Half Persian
AKA: Apollo

Weave Description
One and a Half Persian (1.5P) is a variant of Full Persian 6 in 1 in which single, four-ring FP6-1 cells are divided by cells of two rings. The rings in each cell of two are oriented perpendicular to each other. The cell structure continuation of this chain can be described as "4-2-4-2".

.062" (1.58mm) bright aluminum
9/32" (7.14mm) mandrel
.308" (7.82mm) inner diameter
AR of 5.0

This aspect ratio limits the flexibility of the chain. Jewelry and general purposes should be attempted starting around AR of 5.3. Approaching an AR of 6.0, the chain collapses into a flatter lie with each FP6 cell more relaxed than those found in a fuller Persian chain.

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European, Persian, Chain, Variant

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