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One Hour Less Sleep

Weave Description
One Hour Less Sleep is a Full Persian 6 in 1 variant that is the same weave as One and a Half Persian except that the rings in the non-Full Persian 6 in 1 cells are doubled. This weave was originally introduced August 14, 1999 at the Maille.

.057" (1.45mm) galvanized steel
5/16" (7.94mm) mandrel
.338" (8.59mm) inner diameter
AR of 5.9

This AR allows the chain some flexibility and is a good starting point for general purposes like jewelry.

Full Persian 6 in 1 Gridlock is a related weave with 1HLS on one grain and FP6-1 on the other.

See also: One Hour Less Sleep Forwards and Backwards.

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European, Persian, Chain, Alpha, Variant, Helm

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