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Named SLEB, short for Shaggy Loops' Evil Brother, is a derivative of the very simple yet popular weave, Shaggy Loops. Why is it an evil brother? Well, it's harder, more time-consuming, and ring-intensive than regular Shaggy Loops. But fear not! Once you get the hang of this weave it is fairly simple to do. It is basically a 1-2 chain with japanese 6-1 coming off all 4 "sides" of the 1-2 chain. This weave requires small AR rings, and the outer rings will most probably need doubling. The equivalent of 14g. 1/4" would make this chain, but loose - probably need doubling. Look carefully and you will find the base 1-2 chain in the center of the weave. All a bit chaotic...but there IS order.

The new photo I have is one I rendered in Form Z. The green rings are the 1-2 chain. the red rings, combined with the green chain, is what Shaggy Loops is. Connect the red "Shaggy" rings with the purple ones, and now you've got SLEB. Enjoy.

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Japanese, Chain, Shaggy, Variant

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