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Full Persian 6 in 1

Weave Description
Full Persian 6 in 1 (FP6-1, or simply FP6) is a very versatile four-sided chain weave.

stainless steel rings
.063” (1.6mm) wire diameter
5/16” (7.94mm) mandrel.
.346” (8.79mm) inner diameter
AR of 5.5

It is related to other weaves in different ways.

  • Naturally unbalanced Half Persian 3 in 1 with two added faces, with the fourth face attaching back onto the first.
  • Three Quarters Persian with one added face which attaches back onto the first.
  • When made with two additional faces, the sixth attaching back onto the first, it becomes the six-sided Hilt Chain (6 in 1)/Half Persian 3 in 1 Column.
  • Box Chain 4 in 1 with the outside edges of the rings “tucked in” to the rings against which they would normally lie. This tucking in adds an around the eye (AE) connection type, and changes a European weave into a Persian one.

The weave is ideal for captivation due to its hollow cell structure. Generally smaller captive rings are used for this purpose. Captive Full Persian 6 in 1 (Captured Full Persian) is the result. Larger orbital rings can be applied around each connection point, but they must be specifically sized to prevent them from floating around too much. Orbital Full Persian 6 in 1 is the result, which is not in the weave library, nor is Captive Orbital Full Persian 6 in 1 which contains both captive and orbital rings.

The weave can be reinforced by inserting extra rings through each cell that connect to some of the FP6-1 rings. The two basic versions of this are Wind Wyrm, and Fire Wyrm. Each of these has an alternate version in which the connection points are alternated in each subsequent cell. These include Earth Wyrm, and Ice Wyrm.

A layered version exists in Double Full Persian 6 in 1, but it requires a very large AR to execute. Scaled versions include Full Persian Scales, with every ring scaled, and a version with half the rings scaled is called Karelian.

A version of the chain in which it is surrounded by an also interconnected Box Chain 4 in 1 is B8FP (Sand Worm).

When the eye placements are shifted in position properly, the results are Full Persian 6 in 1 Grizzly, and Full Persian - Dense.

The chain is repeated into various sheets such as Full Persian Sheet, and Yet Another Full Persian Sheet.

It progresses into such things as Full Persian 10 in 1, and Full Persian 8 in 1 Unbalanced (Full Persian Gobi Chain), each of which employs a similar unbalanced structure, but less so into the far less forgiving Full Persian 8 in 1, due to it being balanced.

Several variants/modifications exist, some of which include

Ring sizes:
The minimum AR lies in the neighbourhood of AR of 4.8 The weave is stiff and unbendable at this point, and remains relatively inflexible until the low 5's. Amounts of flexibility ideal for general mailling purposes are achieved starting around an AR of 5.3, although the chain retains a certain amount of stiffness that keeps it from being completely collapsable up to the 6's. Another way to put this is that it can still be formed into structural ring shapes when opposite ends of the chain are affixed to each other. The weave is still useful and attractive at ARs far above an AR of 6.0, individual ring strength withstanding.

[Topic of 2019, 1st weave study]

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