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Jens Pind Linkage 5 (JPL5)

Weave Description
This is an 8-1 variant of Jens Pind Linkage's Linkage (JPL) which has 5 rings per repeating segment, instead of 3 like standard JPL. Like JPL, this weave has a fairly small range of aspect ratios (AR's) that will work.
AR = 4.74 - Rather stiff.
AR = 4.86 - Somewhat flexible, good for jewelry.
AR = 5.07 - About as flexible as a shoelace.
AR = 5.42 - Quite loose, doesn't hold it's shape very well.

The top picture is rendered in POV-Ray.
The bottom picture is made with an AR of 4.86.

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Persian, Chain, Spiral, Progression, Variant, Mobius

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