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Harvest Moon
AKA: Tomato Sandwich

Weave Description
This weave has many fathers, as several people claim to have invented or discovered it, independently.

Its core element is a perpendicular 2-ring arrangement, whose rings are sandwiched by a pair of rings each, that are threaded through the other core ring at the same time; in result locking them properly in position and orientation. It is the basis weave of a couple of other weaves, like e.g. Pacman, Moon Rhino and its siblings, and has at least the potential to be forebear of a couple of yet to be created weaves based on its core connector.

The weave sample was made from 1.2*5.25mm mandrel sawcut BA rings with a final AR of around 4.6. Preferred AR is only slightly higher; there is no principal upper AR limit, but above 5.5 it simply looks and feels too loose.

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European, Chain, Alpha, Helm

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