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Mobius Ball

Weave Description
Mobius Ball is a very unique chainmail weave as it is made out of a number of rings which can vary according to the ring size, how tightly it is being made, and its intended application. Every ring in a Mobius Ball passes through every other ring.

Tight Mobius Balls with higher ring numbers make great stress toys. In this application the Mobius Ball is patented (US Pat. 541-3519) and also trademarked by Mead Simon.

Mobius Balls with small numbers of rings each (usually three, but sometimes more) are commonly used as elements of other weave/weave variants and designs. Examples of this can be seen in Mobius Chain, Flower, and Moorish Rose.

The sample picture shows four examples, all made of stainless steel. The one at the top is crafted of .080" (2.03mm / 14 SWG) wrapped on a mandrel slightly smaller than 1" (25.4mm). It has an AR of 14. The three along the bottom are made of .062" (1.6mm / 16 SWG), made on mandrels sized 1/4" (6.35mm), 5/16" (7.94mm), and 3/8" (9.525mm). Their ARs (post-springback) are 4.3, 5.5, and 6.6, respectively.

Sometimes alternately spelled as "Möbius" or "Moebius".

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Unit, Alpha, Mobius

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