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Spiral 4 in 1

Weave Description
Also sometimes referred to as 'Serpentine', or just plain 'Spiral'. The Spiral 4 in 1 weave will unspiral itself unless it the two ends are pinned down while the weave is in its twisted, spiral configuration. If you untwist this chain, you will see that it is in fact two interwoven 2 in 1 Chains.

The sample displayed uses .057" (17 SWG / 1.45mm) galvanized steel wire wrapped on a 1/4" (6.35mm) mandrel. (AR of 4.8)

4 is the logical minimum AR, as at this AR, 4 wire widths fit perfectly inside each ring. It can be woven lower than this, but it causes bunching. The weave can't be made below ARs around the 3.2 - 3.4 range without the rings locking into place which thus creates Jens Pind Linkage.

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Chain, Spiral, Alpha, Mobius

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