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Weave Description
This is essentially a blown up 6into1 or 12into2 pattern. I argue that it it a 13into1, but that is a matter of debate. After having looked really hard at it, I can see some simililarities to the Linoleum Mosaic that is posted, but this is much more uniform. I used 16gauge black rebar wire in 5/16"ID rings for this. The most important thing when actually making it is to ensure that the spiral pattern created by the interlocked links always flows in the same way. If you switch back and forth, it really detracts from the appearance of the weave. What you get is a very stronge weave with great flexibility. Enjoy Lykwd_Loki

[Japanese 6 in 1/Japanese 12 in 2 basis.
See also: Infinity Chain, and Petal Maille.

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Japanese, Sheet, Mobized

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