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Orbital Square Cage

Weave Description
Orbital Square Cage (OSC) is based on Orbital Hex Cage (OHC), but uses square tesselation like Japanese 4 in 1.

The weave requires large rings.
.048" (1.22mm) stainless
5/16" (7.94mm), 13/32" (10.3mm) mandrels
.355", .474" ID
AR of 7.4, AR of 9.9

The horizontal rings are in the larger size and the smaller ring size is used for the cage and orbital rings. This produces a rather tight mesh that nears the approximate two ring size minimum AR combination. Further reduction may or may not be possible since there are three ring types present. There is a small gap in the center of the Hour Glass Units, but that said, the sets of orbital rings make very tight squares around the large, vertical rings.

Hour Glass Web ("Orbital Hex Cage Web") is the Japanese 3 in 1 tessellated version of this. Alternate square tessellation yields "Orbital Square Cage Web" which is Japanese 4 in 1 Paired Orbital Square Sheet with its horizontal rings doubled.

This weave can also be seen as 8 in 1 Orbital Sheet with orbital rings applied to all four sides of the horizontal rings, instead of just two.

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Japanese, Sheet, Orbital, Variant

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