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Weave Description
Triffids is a weave tenuously part of the mobius family. It works best at an AR of 4.1 in a single ring size, which is pictured in the left image. (On the right is a prototype using two ring sizes, 18g 1/4" for the large rings, and 19g 3/16 for the small. The reason it works is because the 18g rings pass through the 3/16" ID of the 19g rings and that interaction is still an AR of 4.1.)

Triffids is made from two steps, the first being a mobius with its rings held nearly vertical. This is the part of the chain that appears to stick out like flower petals. Through it is woven another mobius which lays closer to 45°. Each ring of the mobius also links into the ring directly below it in the chain (and above it). The smaller step is not as stable by itself so the chain should start and finish on the larger step.

This weave was an accidental invention during Spring 2016 while trying to find a new way to finish a triplicate weave. It can be woven either left or right handed.

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Chain, Variant, Mobius

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